This will be a WIP post. I will start with a few and continue as I remember some.

#1 - Nikyuun. Before we knew we were plural, Ravenna (me) had a friend named Nikyuun. We all loved her, Ravenna found out she was pansexual because of her, and lots of drama happened. Quarantine cut us off from her, and we couldn't see her, she got mad and honestly toxic. We broke it off over Instagram, but we still miss her.

#2 - Rant from today. I just did a Spanish test, got an 87% on it, don't know and won't know what I did wrong until Monday, but Stepmom got mad at me. Said I was "a constant source of disappointment." Not what a closeted otherkin system wants to hear, let me tell you.

#3 - The time I almost ran away. I got so fed up with everything about a year ago that I logged onto an online platform, asked one of my friends to google the directions to my mom's house, and send them to me. I chickened out because it was stormy, I can't drive, and it was either an 8-hour walk, or a dangerous 3-hour bike ride across town. Side note, debated suicide for a little bit after but that was when Malina made herself known as a headmate and got me through it. I am here now, so yay!

#4 - Funny. Malina and Etherea started out as OCs from Just Shapes and Beats (a bomb-ass game, please check it out), or so I thought. I got the ideas for the circle sisters from them, before they came out as true headmates. Kirina was a character from a DnD game I played with some friends on Discord (it was NSFW and I didn't care but I am no longer on that site.) Marii was kind of random, they just popped in one day. Sam is a c-link I think but I gotta be really sure first.


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