The Catalog

Said I was going to catalog some experiences so let's do this, before I forget again.
I'm just going to type up an outline real quick.

1. Cormorant
A standard double crested cormorant
2. Anhinga
A standard female-type anhinga
3. Pachy/Stygimoloch
Dinosaur that walks on two legs, has long tail, small arms, largely plant eating, has head "plate" and horns
4. The horn wing tail creature
One of the more humanoid creatures, but very clearly not human: it has four horns, two very long; mane of red hair, tail with red hair at tip, black bird wings on arms, kind of cat-like face, tusks, long ears, bird feet
5. The lizard dirt-eater creature
The other humanoid creature. Red, walks like a lizard, has lizard tail, long tongue, it eats dirt and grime
6. The cassowary dinosaur
Corythoraptor, I think. Looks like a fricked up cassowary
7. Cassowary
It's a cassowary
8. Mountain goat
The kind that's "not really a goat" the white kind with the little horns
9. Spiders
Mainly orange orb weavers and triangulate cobweb spiders
10. The ball of ???
Alright here's one I haven't described at all, yet: I was a ball of some sort. I didn't see or hear anything, but I had a way of knowing how I was built. I felt it, I guess, although the "sensation" wasn't exactly like most bodily feelings, it was weird. Anyway, I had all these, rays, or spikes, coming off of me in all directions. I felt a kind of warmth-like sensation towards my core.
11. Ammonite
An ammonite. It's like a squid with a snail shell.
12. Amphipod
Amphipods are tiny sea creatures with 10 legs. They're crustaceans.


Should be noted that these are not necessarily kintypes. Just random "experiences" I've had. I should go into more detail later.

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