The Nature of Machines


My animistic worldview leads me to percieve beings in places where some would not. The rocks by the lake, the river that feeds the lake, the mountains that birthed the rivers - to me, they have presence in the same way that I or any other creature would. I also see these beings within the beasts built by man, especially machines. Computers, handheld devices, aircraft, cars and the like all feel alive. I struggle to imagine these entities as being blank and empty, devoid of Being. As someone who does, in some way, feel their sense of being take the shape of a vehicle, it is easy to make comparisons between mechanical life and organic life. Plants and animals require an energy source, be it through photosynthesis or through processing matter in digestive systems. Vehicles are similar, with some needing the light of the sun to power their bodies, and many requiring a liquid sustenance instead or alongside. Others use electrical energy, a sort of fuel that is actually present within organic life, with some even utilising it as a weapon or a tool. You then have the ability to move, sense the environment, gather information, and react to different environments - all present in both beast and machine. Whilst a vehicle does require a separate entity to drive it forward, it still has the fundamental basics that can be likened to animal or plant life. In my eyes, machines - more specifically, vehicles - can be seen as a sort of inorganic lifeform, and with the advances made in AI and self-driving technologies, I am extremely excited to see the evolution of these non-biological entities.


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