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The Second Demon Race - The Adimiron

The Adimiron are the second race of demons ever created. They look like reptiles with lion heads and their scales are yellow or gray. Their element is water and blood (in the worlds of the demons the element blood exists). Originally the Adimiron were created as lower demons by Chavajoth who had nothing to do but serve and were not able to think more complex, but Satan (also an Adimiron) managed the ascent to the higher demon first and led the Adimiron through the Ascent. The Adimiron race is the highest demon race of all to this day. Meanwhile, however, Satan has been overthrown as the leader of the Adimiron and Uriens has taken that place. The relations of domination with demons can be very complicated because they are subject to constant change. The Adimiron are the masters of the demon worlds. They don't know ethics or morals the way people know them. The Adimiron make all important decisions in the demon worlds. The Adimiron rarely show themselves to the other demon races because they live in a demon world that is cut off from the other demon worlds. There is a real power struggle among the Adimiron.


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