things I've noticed about my elf kintype over the past few months

Just reading over my past blog entries about my elf kintype and thinking about some stuff. I do definitely want to start an elf journal for memories and dreams and feels and stuff related to my elf kintype. I really want to find out more about my elf life, it feels very important to me, plus can be a really great distraction from negative things in life.

I've watched LOTR since those posts, and it was awesome! I really resonate with the elves in the movies, especially their architecture. It's so damn beautiful and I want to live like that irl. But there are definitely differences between my elf kintype and the elves in LOTR, like that I feel more like a magical one-with-earth kind of being, not quite as civilized/advanced but also not like, a bunch of cave people who live in the dirt. I think my kind definitely had houses/buildings but relied on nature a lot, and probably lived in trees? I don't think we had a complex political system, I'm still unsure about religion but I think my people were dedicated to taking care of the earth.

I think my kind was definitely magical, like did spells/rituals and as I said in a recent post, I think my kind could manipulate elements/energy. I've felt for a long time that I probably had some sort of flying kintype, and I believe it's elf. I think I could "bend" air around me to be able to fly. I also feel very strongly connected to water, and the idea of magical healing. In general, I just feel like my kintype is powerful. I feel like I should have powers.

The more I think about it, the more confident I am that my kind didn't live on Earth. Maybe we were able to travel between whatever realm we lived in and this one, but I think my home doesn't exist on this planet. Which uh, kinda sucks :c I've wanted to visit Ireland/somewhere around there for a very long time because I feel so drawn to that type of area and a bit of the culture, but I guess it's probably as close as I can get to my home realm.

I feel oddly... nostalgic? about certain things that kind of remind me of angels. Stuff like white and gold aesthetics, big buildings with baroque architecture, the general vibe of like, really rich people/beings who live very high end, like royalty or something. I'm still not sure if it's related to my elf life and what it could mean. Like, it doesn't feel quite homey, it doesn't feel like, oh I belong there, but it feels so oddly nostalgic, like going to your grandma's house for the first time in years, or something. It just feels like it could mean something. But I'm not sure what.

Another thing is I'm pretty confident my kind didn't age. The idea of growing old is weird as heck to me. Maybe we just aged super slowly, idk.

The thing from the silver elves, I've realized, is... totally off lol. But that's to be expected, they were just going off of my answers and trying to find what closest matched all of my answers combined.

From my tumblr post here I think the thing that sticks out to me the most rn that I'm curious about is the survivor thing. I think maybe that could've been a big point in my life, like something went wrong and I had to go to war. That feels like how it probably went, but I have no clue of the details.

Another thing that I'm unsure if it's elf related or just a human thing or what- I do sort of feel an odd connection to like, Asian culture? Certain things feel familar and almost homey? Idk, maybe I'm just a weeb, lmao. But I thought I'd put it out there.

As always, I'm totally down to talk to anyone about elf stuff, or get advice. If anyone else has had similar experiences, please tell! I wanna know! I love hearing about stuff like this, even if it doesn't cause some big revelation for me. It's just nice knowing I'm not alone.


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