Time to meet the crew!

Sorry for taking so long to post, some IRL stuff came up and I wasn't able to see what was going on.
So, my system (I think that's the name of it) has a couple nice people who all act as my "guides"
Aias: He's my creative spirit, I got a problem, he's got a solution.
Teuful: He's my protector, and also my combative side. He really likes it when I do martial arts or play fps games
Lukaes: He's the most normal of them all, acting as my devil's advocate and generally working as the middle man between Aias and Teuful.
Vryx: He's my explorer, he likes it when I just see what's there. He's pretty good friends with Aias, and they help me build unique MTG decks. He also helps me out when I play Minecraft so I remember what tunnel leads where.
Arlin: She's basically like Vryx, but more controlled, she helps me keep track of things in my head, and acts as the main peace keeper when everyone starts arguing.

So, that's my system, they're all pretty nice and get (mostly) along with each other.

Also, update on my memories: I've figured out that before this life, I was named Altet, and I found a close representation of my main form. It's the attached file


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