Travel and money update and a video

Walmarts electronic payment hotline never called me back, so I filled out this fraud form, attached an explanation page to it, and faxed it to my card company. Monday I will call to make sure they got the fax. I hope they take this issue seriously this time. If they don't I will submit a complaint to the BBBs credit and debit card site. If that doesn't work I will take them to court. Its just $165 but I really need that money. It was stolen from me and I want it back. I will not stop until I get my money back.

My bf booked my plane ticket yesterday. We had to find a different one cause the first one we wanted was gone. We should have bought it sooner, but now I have a shorter layover so thats good. We had to change the dates of the trip by one day, but now my layover in Chicago is only like an hour, not 6 hours. I gotta call both airports and find out how much their baggage fees are and if they take American Express. My bf has to transfer the baggage fee money to me cause I cannot afford it and we dunno if I will get my money back. Hes printing off my ticket and mailing it to me. I'm both excited and nervous about this trip. I gotta get a covid test before I leave.

And now I want to share a video I've been trying to share everywhere, but no one will watch. Its the best animated short film I've ever seen. Its so good, it looks like it could be an episode of a series. I would watch a series based on this animation. I think it would be great. The story is great, the characters are great, the animation is great. The characters have depth and personality and I have not found another animated short film thats as good as this one. I contacted the creator to tell them how great their animation is, but I never heard back from them.

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