Unauthorized transactions

I mentioned in my last post that there were 3 unauthorized transactions on my debit card. My card company declined my dispute, saying the charges were authorized. So I opened another dispute. One charge was $65 to WalMart. I've called WalMart and they have no record of this transaction. They have a record where I loaded $65 but not where it was taken off. The other two charges were one for $50 and one for $100 to DSW-EGIFTER. I have called DSW and they have no record of any transactions from my card. I had a transaction ID # for the $50 so that was refunded, but there is literally no record of the $100. I've contacted egifter.com to try to see if they can help me. They want a screenshot of my card statement, but when I tried to send an attachment I got an error from Microsoft saying it contained a card number. It doesn't. So I've emailed them to ask how I send the screenshot. I guess I can convert it to pdf and see if that works.

Right now I'm waiting for WalMarts debit card hotline to call me back to see if they can help me. I'm glad I got the $50 back so far but I need all of it back. I was saving that money to visit my bf in Jan. As it stands hes gonna have to pay for the whole plane ticket himself. We were gonna split the cost. Hes also gonna have to help me out with money while I'm there. I will be there for 2 weeks and I gotta eat. I also gotta pay his brother for letting me stay there for 2 weeks. I will have to cut down the amount I pay his brother. I will have some food stamps left when I visit to buy my own food. But ordering take out will be hard so my bf will have to help me out with that.

We're looking at a Jan 16 visit. I gotta get a covid test before I go. Gonna have a 6 hour layover in Chicago, so its good that I'm taking my laptop or I would be SO bored. Gonna have to spend some money at the airport to eat. I will be getting up at 5am to get to the airport in time. And I won't have time to eat anything. So I will have to eat at the airport in Chicago. Moms buying me some nicotine gum to hold me over since I can't vape there and 6 hours without nicotine will make me go batshit. If the airport is slow I will go outside to vape. But I don't want to be stuck in security and miss my flight. I figure it will be slow cause not many people are traveling during a pandemic. I will keep my mask on except when eating.


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