Video games and nonhumanity

I've been procrastinating all day, and although it's not a good thing for the work I'm supposed to be doing, it did let me play a bunch of videogames I hadn't played in a while.

When I was a kid, I'd spend hours playing any online dragon games I could find. Some of my favorites were how to raise a dragon, or red dragon (?), which I was reminded by the game Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses, that I saw today. Which prompted me to find again a game I had played on my ds when I was a kid, over and over because it let me fly : Battle of giants : dragon. here's an emulator if you are interested ;)

No matter the game, I always tried to play a nonhuman character. I modded skyrim to play dragons, and when it was too hard, played argonians that were wild, using poisonous weapon to emulate venomous fangs and spending my time under water to wait for an opportunity to strike. I think a few of them were also anthropophages. When I played minecraft, it was with mods that added animals and plants so I could emulate a territory that I hunted in and made my lair in. I remember a few times where I built an egg in creative before putting my character in there in survival to make myself hatch, and then "grow up" by creating the gear that vanilla and mod gave me, with the most important being a set of wings. I find it hard to play now, as it feels almost as if I am crippled, the mod being lost to the older versions. I liked to build my lair where monsters couldn't climb, in the side of a cliff, at the top of a tree, on a steep hill, with the entrance covered in plants and bushes. I hatched wyverns from Mo'creature to be my youngs, and collected all that I could find (weirdly enough, usually butterflies, since an extremely complete mod had a ton of them). Now that I play monster hunter, I imagine my character as a sort of were creature, human on the outside but a beast on the inside. I suppose it's only natural to transpose your own feelings on what you play.

I'm somewhat interested by the isle now, as it seems to be a very good game, but not going to lie, what I'm truly waiting for rn are the dragon versions that are popping up. Day of dragon was underwhelming to say the least, but I have faith that one may still end up good.

I've also noticed, especially in days like today where I feel more animalistic than usual, that it's much easier to see my nonhumanity when i'm frustrated ahah. I curse, but I also hiss, growl, chatter, or straight up roar. I remember clicking at other draconic creatures in some games, but I think that's about it.

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