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Wait a minute...

so.... last night, I was talking with one of our friends and the topic ended up changing to gender and whatnot. Something I've somehow never actually put thought into for myself, but now that I have im... not sure, actually.

You see the thing about ink beings is that we can change our body at will, due to our forms being inherently malleable. I tend to make mine in a way that makes it so I have no need for clothes most times but thats besides the point..

so, I still use he/him to refer to myself, along with titles that could be considered male, yes. But I've also found... im more comfortable with a female form. Its something I never put much thought into until now, partially because I'd often trade between the states of my form, sometimes not even realizing I'd done so. But that sense remains despite lack of desire to switch over pronouns or the like. I've also enjoyed more traditionally feminin clothing more than suits, though I'll wear both. I always thought I simply looked better in the former.

so uh... yea im not sure?


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