Winter dream

Sometimes, dreams reverberate after waking up. This morning I had a very strange, but unique and beautiful such encounter.

I sometimes dream that our family house is getting relocated. It happens always the same way: the whole building is put on a railroad, I sit inside and look out a window, and the landscape slides by like I were sitting in a train. One of those dreams happened this morning. I never know where the trip is going to. Today, the house ended up at a very, very cold place, and it got cold in the house too. My mom was there but didn't like that at all. She didn't want to look outside, looked very sad and got wrinkles all over her face. I hugged her to warm her up, then woke up.

So far, nothing special about it. But something... echoed in me after I woke up. This cold place we'd gone to, there was something I... borderline knew about it, as if I'd been there before. Something that was transported from that dream into my half-awake consciousness. And it was most amazing. I intuitively knew this place was not a cold desert, but if you just dared to look at it, you'd see all the wonder you could possibly imagine. A whole land covered in shining, glittering white, like it was made of crystal. Animals gently walking around, all in perfect peace. A huge white-furred brontosaur-like animal slowly strolling over the snowy white valley. Small birds flying through the air, like fairies made from the clearest glass. A stag with fur like blazing silver and horns like sparkling diamond who was the most gentle animal thinkable. Trees and plants as if made from pure and brightly shining gemstones. A bitter cold winter neverland all tainted in eternal, majestic, white beauty.



But that was not the most amazing part by far. What truly stunned me was how it made me feel inside. If you held out a thermometer in this bitter cold world, you'd get a -10 or -20°F reading for sure. But imagine: it doesn't feel cold. As soon as you look at the wonders and beauty of the land, you feel an incredible cozyness and warmth inside you, like nothing else you ever felt. As if enchanted by a magic spell cast by the very place itself, you feel a bliss and brightness inside that warms your heart and whole body and makes all the sibirian coldness disappear. Like sitting by the most comfortable glowing fireplace, you could walk around in this arctic wonderland in a t-shirt without a problem. It was that feeling of joy and wonder that struck me.

So, laying there half awake, experiencing all this, I came to realize that this dream place I'd visited just for a brief moment was a crystal garden of Eden. I never ever saw a place like this before or heard or read about something remotely similar, and I never felt like this before. And it gave me tears. I want to go back there. I have no idea where it came from. Was it a memory buried in my unconscious, now digged out by my strange brain and put into something I could grasp? Have I been there before, maybe vistiting a crystal ice dragon friend? You'd expect a crystal dragon in a world like this. Was it my marvelously vivid imagination? It didn't truly feel like imagination, it was more natural, more like I just knew the place was like this.

Anyhow, it's somewhat great to find such a place in one's mindscape. A true paradise inside that nobody can take away, and you know you will eventually return to.
I think I have many such places inside me. What is your inner paradise about? Have you found it already? How does it feel like?


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