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Yay blogs are back

I'm not gonna bother to move all my old entries over. At least they're archived. Starting fresh might be fun. So lets start over with a new introduction. Hi I'm Addy I'm a catgirl and a soulbonder. My soulbonding plays a much bigger role in my life than my kin identity so I will talk about it a lot more. I suffer from several mental disorders, but I'm on medication for all of them. I have major depression, an anxiety disorder, avoidant personality disorder, mixed bipolar disorder, and PTSD. I'm gonna be 39 in a few days and that makes me depressed. Aging is the number one cause of my depression. I have a wonderful boyfriend who lives 13 hours away. Long distance sucks, but we video chat every night (last night the internet was out so we sat on the phone for hours). I'm planning to visit him once the pandemic ends.

I have 19 headmates, most are outsourced, most are male. I have only 4 insourced soulbonds and they are my only females. I've been a soulbonder for over 15 years now and we call our system Rose Red. I won't talk about all of my headmates here, but I will talk about a few. In system I'm married to one of them. Headmates that I will talk about are Nate (Near) from Death Note cause we're married, S, whos real name and canon I will not say, and Kel (Kel'Thuzad) from World of Warcraft.

I'm currently trying to get SSI for my mental issues, and have been since 2016. Someone on Reddit told me to get SMI (Serious Mental Illness) status cause it helped them get SSI. So when I see my doctor I'm gonna ask her about being evaluated for it. My bf has it and hes only got depression and anxiety issues. His depression is worse then mine tho and once left him catatonic and he had to go through ECT. But I'm gonna try to get SMI status and have my doctor fill out some forms my bf printed and mailed to me.

Anyway thats it for my introduction. I was in the middle of watching videos yesterday when the net went down and stayed down all day and night. So I'm gonna go back to my videos.


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