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  • EinBefehl2016
    EinBefehl2016 replied to the thread Browser Based Sims.
    Silent Hunter Online was decent while it lasted, but it didn't hold a candle to the real Silent Hunter games.
  • Snow/Fall
    I'm not particularly an avid collector, but eh... I like to collect: 1) Plushies, especially pokémon plushies! I don't have many, but...
  • Gryff
    Gryff replied to the thread Anyone else like rock operas?.
    I recently saw Jesus Christ Superstar, which is sometimes called a rock opera, and it's very good.
  • L
    Have you ever deeply questioned your identity? Felt kin with a character or species but then later realized that it wasn’t really you...
  • H
    _hightherian_ updated their status.
    I'm from Catalonia, any therian or otherkin there?
  • H
    _hightherian_ replied to the thread Belief of magic.
    I believe, I have some curious energy running inside me
  • H
    _hightherian_ updated their status.
    Therian were
  • Shezep
    Shezep replied to the thread Belief of magic.
    I believe in "nudging probabilities," I also believe in "Headology" as per the Discworld witches. I believe in chi, since that's...
  • Vintage
    Vintage replied to the thread Belief of magic.
    I don't call myself a wiccan or anything, but I do believe in certain things. I like candle magic, tasseography- (tea reading), and I...
  • MechanicJasper
    MechanicJasper replied to the thread Belief of magic.
    Now here's what my question is for the op, who's... likely long gone considering this thread is from almost three years ago and I'm VERY...
  • MechanicJasper
    MechanicJasper replied to the thread Therianthropy & religion.
    I may not be a therian, but I'm a pagan (my path is a bit mixed and unclear). I mostly focus on pop culture (poke) paganism due to my...
  • Z
    Zicoxite replied to the thread Whatcha eatin?.
    Quiche and a protein shake.
  • Z
    Awesome! The only title I've been able to keep up with lately is Kuroshitsuji, but I managed to collect the entire run of Morbius: the...
  • Z
    Sounds like fun! I enjoy researching random things, too, especially history and mythology. ^_^