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Latest activity

  • Avonmora
    Avonmora updated their status.
    I want to wander, to move about freely, to run in a forest. I want to vocalize and be stupid and be me. I miss having freedom in nature.
  • Lighter
    Lighter reacted to Winter'sTouch's blog entry Welcome to the dark recesses of my mind with
    So, I'm trying this out. I haven't been on Kinmunity in a while (due to being grounded), but an trying to integrate myself back into the...
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr replied to the thread Pantheons(or not).
    Loki is from the Asatru (Old Viking/Norse) pantheon, but a version different from what you hear about in stories. See, those stories are...
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr reacted to 2-D's post in the thread Hi, angel here with
    I have big barn owl wings (in the astral, and sometimes in my dreams). They are heavily symbolic. :barnowl: I am not fallen; I believe...
  • EmeraldGreen
    EmeraldGreen commented on Winter'sTouch's profile post.
    Thank you! I felt the same way ^^
  • Winter'sTouch
    Winter'sTouch left a message on EmeraldGreen's profile.
    I love your profile pic! It gives me such warm feelings of home (even though I'm fallen)
  • Winter'sTouch
    So, I'm trying this out. I haven't been on Kinmunity in a while (due to being grounded), but an trying to integrate myself back into the...
  • Winter'sTouch
    Just the sleep-deprived ideas of a polytherian
  • Winter'sTouch
    Winter'sTouch replied to the thread Kintype Database.
    Dragon, western Fallen Angel, abrahamic Half Mega Jaguar Mute, half human, source: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  • Winter'sTouch
    Winter'sTouch updated their status.
    a h a so it's been a while-
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr updated their status.
    Well I'm running down the road trying to loosen my load Got a world of trouble on my mind Lookin' for a lover who won't blow my cover...
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr commented on Kirsten015's profile post.
    On the road again... why does that song make me think of Take It Easy (because ever since i read your message I had Take It Easy stuck...
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr commented on DemonicX's profile post.
    Yay!!!! So happy for y'all!
  • Finna Alsvartr
    Finna Alsvartr reacted to Kieran's post in the thread How good is Amino? with
    I don't know too much about the different amino communities, but Therian Amino has a bad rep (I think it's getting better now!), their...
  • EmeraldGreen
    EmeraldGreen posted the blog entry Choosing a name... in Public Entries.
    I am a sleep talker. I have been one for a long time, so long that my parents joke that I literally never stop talking, even while...