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"To Read" List: Not complete yet
Every Agatha Christie mystery
Everything R.S. Belcher writes
All of the Ancient Magus Bride Manga Series
All of the Sweetness and Lightning Manga Series
The Lord of the Rings Series (old, I know, but I need to read it)
Not only was I banned from TG but my friend was too. For telling the co owner (without saying his name, just, "you know who you are") to watch his back. Oh boy. I mean, she was leaving TG anyways but, her journal, which she posted the vague threat in, was deleted, and she was banned.

Is it okay to talk about this here? :p I just really hate that guy and wanted to vent a little.
I'm so hyped up for Beyond Good and Evil 2. 10 years, at least, with nothing from the devs and then all this massive amount of progress in recent years.
If you ever want to, please feel more than free to read my "blog" thread. Heck, feel more than free to reply to it. I wouldn't post it if I wasn't comfortable discussing it.
I feel like I have a theriotype other than my current ones that's more.. "exotic" I guess? But I haven't got a clue. Maybe something hooved but that's more just wondering. I haven't had the time recently to meditate or anything either. :(
shift: dragon ish
Sometimes I get hit with a moment of lucidity in all this. The Unstoppable Feeling really boils down to something simple: I don't want to be this, and I don't want to be here. The rest I just build from that. That's been true for a long time. I said the same things in the Live Journal from 2004 I recently found. 15-year-old Gryff and 29-year-old Gryff aren't so different.
I wished I found this place before! It's so nice! I feel like I can be my foxy self!
Talking about Dark Goddesses to people is sorta sad but also awesome... It just hurts saying "If she's waiting and watching you and not communicating, she might want you to turn all your own shit upsidedown and jump into shadow work head first to prove you are brave enough to be her disciple."
Ear aches, blasted cold weather related illnessse, soups and antibiotics..... blah