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New blog entries

i may or may not have linked myself with a tailmouth (or a mouthtail, whatever you call it) anyways uhmmm im not sure what to do with this it wont go away
Long story short, being both an artist and writer is extremely rewarding yet exhausting. If I'm not having an art block, I'm having writer's block, and vice versa. If I'm REALLY unlucky, I'll have an art block AND writer's block. It's only that one blessed day that I have neither, and that...
So I've been seeing a lot of memes like this one floating around the internet: One of the most common debates regarding my source is why the Truth sequence is the way it is. A surprising amount of people seem to think that Basil took the photos that show what happened to Mari himself, which is...
i cant control my tail. ive tried but i just cant, it has a mind of its own.
DISCLAIMER: I am not using the term Headspace in the context of mind palaces or central mind-hubs for systems. I use the term because in Omori the dream world is called Headspace and I will be using terms from my source throughout these entries because it is simple and beneficial for me to use...
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Oof, I should've never jumped down xenogenders. Not that I regret learning about them, but the arguing over the existence of xenogenders... Ugh... It's tiring to listen to. I just want to find an identity that really speaks to me, I didn't ask for the flood of hatred, misinformation, and...
Dating as a non human and a system is so hard. I meet so many people but barely any want to date me because of this. Most mock me. The amount of times ive been told "as long as you dont identify as something dumb like a car" or "ohhhh you are one of those" is enormous it sucks. I just want to...